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Welcome to Taiyo Shobo (Global Website)!

Taiyo Shobo was established on January 1, 2000.
We are the "First Online Book Publisher" in Japan.
We have evolved even further to become a "Futuristic Global Publisher."

For authors, we offer one of the most advanced publishing systems in the world, Taiyo Publishing System - Global, [ tps-g ].
Manuscripts are always welcome from all over the world.
We have published books written by authors living in Japan, USA, UK, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Australia, and Kenya.
No matter where you live, we can help you publish books.

Taiyo Shobo has already published books in the following fields (English/Japanese):
- Agriculture
- Art
- Economics/Business
- Education
- Energy/Ecology
- Engineering
- History/Archaeology
- Law
- Life Style/Health
- Literature
- Mathematics
- Philosophy
- Science
We are adding new subjects all the time!

Global Websites

We have global websites in different languages.

[ Taiyo Shobo ] (Japanese)

[ Taiyo Shobo ] (English)

[ Taiyo Shobo ] (French)

[ Taiyo Shobo ] (Spanish)

Taiyo Publishing System - Global : [ tps-g ]

We offer one of the most advanced publishing systems in the world, [ tps-g ].

Here is what you can do with [ tps-g ].
- You can publish books at a reasonable fee.
- You can buy your books from one copy whenever you need, even after 5 or 10 years.
- You will receive royalty annually, based on the sales.
- "Out of Print" does not exist. Get your books whenever you need!

For more details: [ tps-g ]

For more information
[ Editor's Office ]

[ Nondiscrimination Policy ]

Taiyo Shobo Corporation, in accordance with applicable prefectural and national laws and the Japanese Constitution, prohibits discrimination on the basis of nationality, age, gender, religion, citizenship, politics, race, disability, and ancestry. This nondiscrimination policy covers all the procedures of application as well as editorship.